Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box 2.0 (Tomatoes Starter Kit with 2-hole Lid) (Ship within 2-6 business days)

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What's new in Food Rising Grow Box 2.0
The new Food Rising Grow Box features several significant improvements over last year's version:

  • It's still 100% non-electric, EMP-proof and uses no pumps whatsoever.

  • Gravity powered auto-watering is now accomplished through a vertical float valve mounted in the lid of the bin rather than the side wall. This vertical float valve is an amazing, non-toxic part that was designed to soak in ultra-purified drinking water. It is manufactured using entirely non-chemical processes such as high precision ultrasonic welding of its joints.

  • The number of parts is sharply reduce for greatly improved simplification and reliability.

  • There are no longer any metal parts in the float valve. The valve is a simple but clever piece of engineering that was originally designed to be used in gravity water filtration systems. We've adapted it for use in the Food Rising Grow Box, where it serves the same function of holding back gravity-fed water until more water is needed.

Want a Mini-Farm Grow Box that's ready to go? 

  • A complete Mini-Farm Grow Box 2.0 "Starter Kit" (everything you need to get started with six/nine plants)
  • Rugged HDPE container materials: UV resistant, extremely durable and lasts for years. Does not leach chemicals into the water.
  • Coconut coir plant media is reclaimable and reusable year after year. Can also be substituted with sawdust, leaf mulch and other readily available materials.
  • Made with computer-controlled precision cutout lids for holding plant net pots.
  • Incredibly easy to assemble and use.
  • Don't have seeds yet? You can purchase Heirloom Tomato Pack here.

Product Includes:

Grow Box Lid (Gray, BPA-free)
Grow Box Bin (Gray), BPA-free)
1/4" Solid Poly Micro Tubing (PE) For Drip Irrigation System (BPA-free)
3.5 Gallon Pail with lid (White, BPA-free)
Float Valve (BPA-free)
Shut Off Clamp (BPA-free)
White Valve Adaptor (BPA-free)
Blue Pex Pipe (BPA-free)
Instructions and Installation Guide
Coconut Coir Grow Medium (650 gram)
Net pots
5" Net Pots x 2
* Plants not included


Grow Box Bin Dimensions:

Outside Length:
Outside Width:
Outside Height:
Volume Capacity:
9.5 gal
Country of Origin:

Grow Box Lid Dimensions:

Outside Length:
Outside Width:
Outside Height:
Number of Holes:
Country of Origin:

About the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box

  • A breakthrough in self-reliant food production.
  • Grows food without using electricity or soil.
  • Self-water system requires very little attention after planting seeds.
  • Comes with everything you need except sunlight, water and seeds.
  • Requires no weeding.
  • Eliminates bending over; grows food on top of benches or tables.
  • Easily expandable to multiple grow containers using a single water reservoir.
  • Uses just 1/20th the water of traditional soil irrigation methods.
  • Contains no complex moving parts: no motors, no pumps, no gears.
  • Designed around simple replacement parts that can be easily found in third-world nations, post-disaster scenarios or survival situations.
  • Grows better-than-organic lettuce and other crops for about 10 cents' worth of plant food.
  • Produces food with up to 500% more mineral nutrition than store-bought fresh produce.

Revolutionary advantages of the Mini-Farm Grow Box low-tech technology:

  • Power failures have NO EFFECT on the Mini-Farm Grow Box, unlike with hydroponics or aquaponics which rely on electricity to keep your plants (and fish!) alive.
  • The entire system is EMP-proof because it contains no electronic components whatsoever, making it the ultimate "survival food grow system" for preppers.
  • Works everywhere there's sunlight. Automatically practical almost everywhere.
  • Seeds are planted directly into the grow medium, so there's no transplanting required. Grow Boxes can be easily transported so you can start them indoors, then move them outdoors when desired.
  • Grow lights are not part of the Grow Box system, but it is fully compatible with Hydrofarm brand grow light systems.

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box was created by Texas inventor Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger"), who is also an atomic spectrometry lab director, award-winning investigative journalist and holder of multiple pending patents.

The invention owes credit to the teachings of Dr. Hideo Imai of the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) and Dr. B. A. Kratky of the University of Hawaii, both of whom studied innovative non-circulating plant growth strategies developed in Taiwan. Additional credit is due to Christian Berg, author of "Guide to Non-Circulating Hydroponics" and Terry Moore Cadle, author of "The Secret of Non-Circulating Hydroponics."

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System is a bottom-fed, constant-height, self-watering, non-circulating hydroponics system that has been streamlined and simplified with modern manufacturing automation created by Mike Adams.

Q&A About the Stefani float valve (BPA-free) and its remarkable non-toxic materials and manufacturing methods

The float valve we use in the Food Rising Grow Box 2.0 is available online as the "Stefani Plastic Float Valve for Gravity Water Filter." It is a marvel of engineering that's made almost entirely with non-toxic, chemically-resistant materials. (You can purchase one yourself for under $8 on

This float valve is almost entirely made from high impact polystyrene, a strong, chemically-resistant material that's exactly the same material we use in the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory to hold liquids that resist strong acids such as nitric acid (HNO3) and hydrochloric acid (HCl).

We have conducted precise tests in the laboratory using ICP-MS instrumentation and have found that water leaches MORE metals out of a glass jar than any elements coming out of high impact polystyrene. (Yes, tap water will actually leach enough lead out of the glass of a glass jar to measure the lead atoms via ICP-MS.)

A very tiny part of the valve -- the soft valve closing ring -- is composed of low-density PVC. The miniscule size (6mm) of this part means any impact on your water quality and composition is negligable.

To achieve its remarkable non-toxic status, the three key parts of the valve are welded together using "ultrasonic welding" instead of toxic glues or resins. Ultrasonic welding vibrates the molecules of the pieces at high speed, briefly turning them into high-temperature liquids that bond together into a single structural piece once cooled. It's much the same way that metal is welded, but instead of using high amperature electricity (arc welding), this manufacturing process uses ultrasound.

Finally, this Stefani float valve was manufactured from the very start to sit in drinking water that has already been filtered by a gravity filter. For this reason, its materials and manufacturing process was carefully selected to be fully compatible with safe, ultra-filtered drinking water.

To learn more on our Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box please visit our User Guides at:

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