Face It Winning the War on Acne - Book

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Face It - by Kyle Craichy
Kyle Craichy shares unique insights to acne prevention and treatment from personal experience and an impressive array of research. Kyle takes readers through his journey of finding a way of successfully combating his struggles with acne. He challenges the 'myths' of conventional treatments with their risky side effects and shares his search for unconventional healthy options that have led him on a path to skin wellness. He emphatically shares with others in an informal yet informed way that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike.
1.     My Story
2.     A Short History of Acne
3.     You Are Not Alone
4.     The Amazing Human Body and Acne
5.     Factors That May Impact Acne
6.     What You Eat and How You Supplement Really Does Matter
7.     Is “Oil Free” the Correct Method?
8.     Accutane and Its Knockoff Brands
9.     The Ultimate Treatment

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