Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Cloth Bag (2.0-2.5 lb)

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Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Cloth Bag (2.0-2.5 lb)

Soak yourself in ancient minerals! These bath salt crystals are mined from ancient salt deposits deep inside the Himalayan mountains. They contain a wide diversity of trace elements, unlike processed table salt.

These trace minerals are absorbed by the skin in a hot bath, helping to sooth, calm and moisturize the body. Nothing feels more cleansing and relaxing than a mineral salt bath, which is exactly why "mineral hot springs" have been renowned for their healing effects throughout history.

American Indians, for example, prized hot springs in modern-day Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and many other areas. Try these bath salts yourself, and you'll be amazed and how you feel after a 30-minute soak!

Our bath salts come in stone-sized chunks a cloth bag. They dissolve naturally and slowly in the bath, lasting through multiple uses. To dissolve them more quickly and increase the salinity of your salt bath, break them into smaller pieces or tumble them around the tub so that they release more salt minerals.

Note: For the record, these have nothing to do with the so-called "bath salts" street drugs which are actually synthesized chemicals cooked up in labs.

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