Backyard Seed Kit

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Backyard Seed Kit

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Our premium heirloom seed starter kits are filled with power-packed, organically grown seeds. Labeled and sealed separately to aid with use and longevity, each of our seed-growing vegetable garden starter kits are packaged using self-sealed containers designed for long-term storage. With over 20,000 seeds, our vegetable garden-seed starter kits provide a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Choose the heirloom seed starter kit guaranteed to last for years.



Dry Bean – 200
Green Bean – 100
Sweet Corn – 100
Snap Pea – 100
Butternut Squash – 50
Zucchini – 25
Watermelon – 50
Bell Pepper – 25
Parsnips – 500
Beets – 250
Yellow Onion – 100
Spinach – 350
Radish – 500
Cucumber – 100
Kale – 200
Lettuces – 1000
Arugula – 500
Broccoli – 500
Cabbage – 500
Carrots – 1000
Brussel Sprouts – 100
2 Tomatoes – 200
Dill; Oregano; Parsley; Chives; Cilantro; Basil

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