Ecoset: Radiation Detector, Nitrate Tester & EMF Meter



Ecoset: Our best products all in one package!

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  • Find out if there's any radiation in your area
  • Check to see if your food is healthy to eat
  • Make sure there isn't an electromagnetic field in your area
  • Save $30 on purchasing this package

Two of our best products are rolled into one.

Ecotester includes the following: Radiation Detector, Nitrate Tester and  Impulse EMF Meter to ensure that your home and food are safe!

Radiation Detector and Nitrate Tester

Our radiation detector was made to detect levels of radioactivity. The levels are determined through ionizing radiation. Batteries are included. Radiation can’t be seen, smelled or touched, but with this product, you’ll know if it’s there. It’s small, easy to use and fits into the palm of your hand. This can recognize whether your food, your home, your business or your community has been exposed. If you live near a nuclear power plant, this could help you determine whether you should live nearby.

The Nitrate Tester program is a tool that identifies the level of nitrates present in food. Did you know that what you eat contains fertilizer? Fertilizers are combined with food as a preservative, but they can be harmful to the body. This product will help you determine whether your food is good to eat. It won’t take long to gather the results.

Results are displayed with either one of the following messages:

– Normal Nitrate Concentration
– Insignificant Nitrate Concentration
– Significant Nitrate Concentration

Impulse EMF Meter

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. They’re created by anything that uses or generates electricity. But ask yourself, do you know if you are near one? How much of it is harmful? That is where this product comes in.

With the IMPULSE, this item detects whether an electromagnetic field is present. It’s small and it can help you make that decision of where to build or where you could setup your business. With questions surrounding how much of a field, your cell phone creates, this could finally answer that question before you make that purchase.


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