Memory Foam Knee or Leg Support Pillow for Sleeping - 2 Pack

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ALLEVIATES FATIGUE & TIREDNESS – Give your body much-needed rest and uninterrupted sleep with an ONDKET knee pillow that will provide you with relaxing comfort improve blood flow and provide you with a better sleeping posture for a rejuvenated start every morning. NATURAL SPINE ALIGNMENT & PAIN RELIEF – Knee pillows for sleeping have a tooth-like shape that reduces pull on your spine helps you reduce pain in the hip lower back and joints alleviates symptoms of arthritis and sciatica and reduces inflammation in the knee by aligning the spine in its natural pose. PREMIUM KNEE CUSHION – Made from high-grade memory foam measuring 13.3” x 10.6” x 5.1” the knee pillow for sleeping is breathable gentle on your skin hypoallergenic dustproof comes with a removable machine washable cover and keeps you cool all night long. MULTIFUNCTIONAL BODY SUPPORT – The knee rest pillow also makes an ideal pregnancy pillow can double up as a support for your legs or back while you are sitting upright and this leg pillow can also be used under the arms ankles or neck while sleeping for better support and pain relief. PERFECT PRESENT – Best knee pillow is a good choice to give as a gift to all loved ones for all festive and non-festive occasions. It will especially make a quality present to elder people pregnant women and those suffering from chronic pains.


Are you having trouble getting sound sleep because of a bad posture back pain or aching joints? Ondekt knee pillow is here to help you with a good night's sleep by keeping your posture right keeping your legs at a distance apart for better air circulation and completely resting your lower body to prevent fatigue and tiredness the next morning.


  • The knee pillow features an innovative tooth-like shape that better embraces your contours.
  • Special curved sides are conducive to maintain the natural curvature of the spine during sleeping.
  • Helps support your lower body by aligning the spine opening the hips and adjusting the legs to a comfortable position.

  • Manufactured from high-quality memory foam.
  • Breathable hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin and dust-proof.
  • Doesn’t heat your legs and keeps you cool all through the night.
  • Retains its shape and maintains a firm grip.
  • Fits comfortably between your knees.

  • Helps relieve pain in the hip back and joints.
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of sciatica and arthritis.
  • Makes great pregnancy support.
  • Boosts energy for a restful sleep.

  • Measures 13.3”x10.6”x5.1” making it the right size for use as a knee support pillow.


  • The cover is machine washable and removable for hygiene.
  • The versatile pillow can also be used as a neck pillow reclining cushion and much more!

  • Great pillow for traveling and on the go use.
  • Can be put to store when not in use.


30 Day Warranty





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