Outdoor Heights 15ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

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Securing Jumpers both in and out of the trampoline is what we set out to do with our double-sided zipper opening. Plus the buckle will prevent unsupervised trampoline access for young jumpers who are thrilled every time they see your spankin' new trampo! Jumping Power Our springs are not a means to an end. They are the feather in our cap. With 85% of the jumping experience bound to the spring we put a lot of energy into them. I'm talking about 6 jumping kids worth of energy. Picture that; it a lot! It's Personal Our family-run business is next level because we take every sampled home and we all jump on it for a week. All followed by tweaking retesting and pressure optimization to bring A+ Quality to your backyard. Our money where Our mouth is! Our commitment is not because we are a huge conglomerate that can afford to give free products to anyone who asks. We are offering our 60-day commitment because we are confident! We did our homework and took our time so we know the trampolines are up to snuff. Also...... I'll admit we suffer from co-dependence so we can't really find our happy place until we know you are thrilled.


HIGH ELASTICITY & PERFORMANCE - Outdoor heights designed this trampoline for kids with a high elasticity mat. It shows standard performance in jumping and bouncing to give your kids more fun time with good physical exercise. Install it in your backyard or outdoor area.

ENCLOSURE NET FOR PROTECTION - Jumping & bouncing is fun but it can be dangerous if kids fall down from the trampoline. For safety assurance we enclosed the trampoline with 15ft net made up of polythene from all sides. Now your kids can enjoy the quality time without any fear of falling or getting hurt.

IDEAL & STURDY FRAME STRUCTURE - Our Outdoor Trampoline has an ideal and sturdy frame structure. Its stainless steel resistance to rust highly stretchable springs give ideal resilience and durability. 3 ft high from the ground ladder attached at the entrance. Rough use may lead to signs of wear & tear.

EASY ASSEMBLY & SETUP - Outdoor height’s backyard trampoline is very easy to set up in your backyard or outdoor area. It comes with a safety net jumping mat stretchable spring steel frame. Put these parts together for creating a safe play area for your little ones. let the kids jump inside with no worries.

OUTDOOR/ BACKYARD FUN FOR KIDS - In this era our kids mostly engage themselves on video games mobile phone videos cartoons etc. They need some physical activities and games to be active and healthy. Surprise them with the gift of our trampoline set. Spend some quality fun time with your kids.


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