Oxy-vital Facial Cream Sample (0.25oz)

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O3 Essentials Oxy-vital Facial Cream (0.25oz)

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Repair and regenerate skin vitality with our fullest saturation of ozone. Add to nourishing facials and for other areas of dry skin. May be used with other products. Refrigerate for maximum retention of ozone. 

Suggested Use: 
O3 Essentials Oxy-Vital Facial Cream may be used when the fullest strength of ozone-oxygen jojoba is desired. Use on areas of dry skin including hands, elbows or feet, as a nourishing facial, or as a spot treatment for any area of skin. May be applied as a refreshing deodorant.

We recommend that you start out by testing the product on a small area of skin to find how your skin will respond. Everyone's skin responds differently to oxidative exposure, as does different areas of skin on each body. The correct amount of oxidative exposure from our O3 Essential products is very beneficial to the skin, and that amount will vary from person to person

If redness or irritation occurs, simply stop using for 24-48 hours and then continue by applying a smaller amount/thinner layer. The more oxidative exposure your tissue can tolerate, the healthier it will be. This may be a gradual process for some and may be quicker for others.

O3 Essentials oxy-vital facial cream may be used before or after other products and may be refrigerated for maximum retention of oxygen in warmer weather.

O3 Essentials Jojoba has a stable shelf life. As an ester, it does not contain oil and does not go rancid.

USDA Certified Organic Jojoba, purified water, ozone-oxygen and organic coconut oil.
No animal testing. No preservatives or coloring.

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