Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunk SIX lbs or more, NATURAL shape

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Sold by weight, these Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks are the most economical way to acquire full-spectrum salt for preparedness and survival. Fine-ground Himalayan salt usually runs $12 / pound or more. But our price on this salt chunk is considerably less per pound.

Each chunk is a unique shape, as it is an actual chunk of salt harvested right out of the salt caves in the Himalayas.

Shape and color varies widely. Some salt chunks are more crystal-colored, while others are more pink or even deep red.

When you order this salt chunk, you are guaranteed to receive at least six pounds of salt chunks, and possibly more. This may be one single piece, or several pieces combined in your order.

When you receive a salt chunk, there will be some salt grains that have rubbed off during shipping, but this is usually minor. Store the salt chunk away from water, as water will obviously dissolve the salt over time.

These salt chunks are exactly the same salt used to make our salt lamps, salt tea lights and even our fine-ground Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt for human consumption. There is absolutely nothing added to these salt chunks.

This salt contains 82+ trace elements, including magnesium, zinc, selenium and more. It is a "full-spectrum" sea salt that's slightly pinkish in color. The taste is widely considered to have more depth and richness compared to processed white table salt.


A smart preparedness item

Himalayan salt is prized as a valuable preparedness item because human beings cannot live without salt. Although modern-day food is pre-salted, in a collapse or survival scenario, salt suddenly becomes very difficult to get (and goes way UP in value).


In a survival scenario, you'll need salt for storing foods, pickling vegetables, curing meats, cooking soups, and to help eliminate nutritional deficiencies. Because Himalayan salt contains 82+ trace elements, it provides the body with nutritional raw materials that regular white salt cannot.


If you wish to chip off some salt from a salt chunk, here's a tip: Wrap the salt chunk in a towel, then (carefully) hammer away at the towel. This will produce salt grains and small pieces that can be used in cooking. It is a good idea to wear eye protection when hammering, by the way.


Infinite shelf life

These salt chunks have already been "on the shelf" so to speak for millions of years. As long as you keep them dry, they have a shelf life far beyond a human lifespan. Remember: They have been buried under billions of tons of rock and dirt for millions of years. They will do just fine sitting on your shelf. This makes them a smart way to store a valuable survival item that also doubles as a beautiful conversation piece (it's a large crystal that many people find quite intriguing).


* FREE shipping in 48 contiguous states for orders of $99 or more

YES, all our Himalayan salt lamps, salt tea lights, USB salt lamps and other salt items qualify for FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 states for orders of $99 or more. This is effectively a huge discount, as salt lamps are heavy and expensive to ship. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is charged at the actual rate provided to us by the carriers. We do not recommend purchasing salt lamps for shipment outside the United States, as shipping costs can often exceed the entire purchase price of the lamp.

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