Rejuvenate! Plus (502g)

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Rejuvenate! Plus (502g)

Rejuvenate! Plus is a high-RNA, high protein, sweet green superfood. It is a tasty and nutritious high-RNA formula that provides many healthy benefits.

  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, no added sugar
  • Contains about 340 mg of RNA/DNA
  • 13.9 g protein
  • Almost no sugar (0.6 g total)
  • 2.3 g of powerful broccoli and alfalfa sprout powders
  • 200 mg of organic BiAloe® aloe vera gel powder with over 18% acemannan
  • 500 mcg of folate as 5-MTHF

Rejuvenate! PLUS features:

  • 14 grams of protein (per serving) from plant sources including organic pea, organic rice, organic alfalfa and brocolli sprouts, chlorella, spirulina, and organic flax
  • A superior multivitamin formula capped off with a coenzyme B-complex
  • Powerful prebiotics
  • Organic cherry and vanilla flavoring
  • Taste enhancers including d-ribose, inulin, xylitol, mannitol, and stevia
  • An enzyme complex
  • Lecithin (oil free, high phosphatide, non-GMO, from sunflower seeds)
  • The highest quality organic aloe complex
  • Rejuvenate! PLUS includes chlorella, d-ribose, nutritional yeast, rice bran solubles, spirulina, Vitamin C, chlorella growth factor (CGF), magnesium, dulse, yeast RNA, folate (now from L-5-MTHF), and methylcobalamin (B12).

REJUVENATE!™ PLUS is a complete, high-RNA, high-protein, sweet green superfood. It is designed to provide all the nutrients you need to thrive, including high-quality protein, essential fats, vitamins (including a coenzyme form B complex), minerals, great-tasting green foods, and high-potency nucleic acids (RNA/DNA), nucleotides, nucleosides, and nucleic acid precursors (e.g., d-ribose).

Dietary nucleic acids are critical in many bodily processes, especially relating to energy production and communication within cells (they enable cells to use energy effectively for greater health). In the cell nucleus, RNA carries out instructions coded in DNA—instructions containing information critical for cell structure and function—which are essential for the very lives of our cells, and thereby our lives.

Health Products Distributors introduced the original high-RNA superfood, Rejuvenate!, in 2006. Next we created REJUVENATE!™ PLUS, the world’s first complete, high-RNA formula designed to support total body rejuvenation. Over the years, several new and improved ingredients have become available and we have incorporated a number of them into REJUVENATE!™ PLUS, along with a new label. Scientific research points to many advantages and benefits to consuming a complete high-RNA formula that leverages the synergy produced when nucleic acids are consumed in combination with nutrients that maximize the capacities of the body to utilize them for purposes of attaining optimal health.

When our cells receive proper directions and energy to carry them out, they keep us youthful. In addition, the role of nucleic acids in energy production (energy as ATP) in the body means they play a fundamental role in providing the energy required by the body for all processes of rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing. When the body is provided with high levels of nucleic acids plus proper levels of the other nutrients it needs for abundant health, then it has the means to rejuvenate itself naturally. REJUVENATE!™ PLUS provides all the nutrients the body needs to support rejuvenation and the restoration of characteristics relating to youthfulness. REJUVENATE!™ PLUS is a culmination of years designing and developing effective, therapeutic, high-RNA superfoods. The uniquely synergistic combination of total nutrition and great taste powerfully supports and maintains optimal health, boosts and sustains energy levels, and rejuvenates the whole body…in ways you have never experienced.

REJUVENATE!™ PLUS is designed as the ultimate superfood formula for rejuvenation of the whole body. It provides users with many health benefits not commonly experienced by consuming foods and nutritional supplements. It is possible to experience true rejuvenation! Once you try it, you can experience for yourself its amazing rejuvenating effects. Many individuals are gaining health benefits and achieving results that confirm what pioneering scientists and doctors (such as Dr. Benjamin S. Frank) discovered during years of research: the combination of nucleic acids and optimal nutrition makes you feel and look younger. Discover REJUVENATE!™ PLUS and gain proven benefits that allow you to rejuvenate yourself. You thereby can reverse processes leading to premature aging, less than optimal health, and reduced quality of life. In fact, you can regenerate, renew, restore, revitalize, and recreate vastly higher level of health! REJUVENATE!™ PLUS is the ideal superfood that will most effectively support your efforts to create and maintain powerful health, as well as supply your body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself.

The processes of rejuvenation facilitated by the combination of the optimal intake of nucleic acids and solid core nutrition provided by REJUVENATE!™ PLUS are hardly superficial. Instead, externally evident effects of rejuvenation (e.g., greater energy and endurance, increased lung capacity, younger looking skin, etc.), reflects deep internal changes in the body that begin within cells and ultimately extend to the vibrant health of the entire body. Nucleic acid nutrition is all about building the best possible health, and maintaining it to assure longevity and the highest quality of life! REJUVENATE!™ PLUS provides the highest levels of nucleic acids and supernutrition that best supports the process of rejuvenation in your life!

REJUVENATE!™ PLUS offers the huge advantage of superb taste! While the health advantages it provides are amazing in themsevles, the fact that this powerful superfood tastes so good makes building health a true pleasure! We are certain that you will enjoy the delicious, smooth taste of our naturally sweet green superfood. It is a lighter shade of green than our original high-RNA formula, and offers a subtly sweet taste with overtones of vanilla and delicate fruitiness. You will find it pleasing, light, and smooth. It mixes especially well in smoothies, fruit juices, vegetable juices, and in plain water.

Serving Size: 31.2 g (about 2 scoops or 4 rounded tablespoons)
Servings Per Container: 16

***Refrigerate or Freeze After Opening to Maintain Freshness***

Ingredients: Rejuvenate!™ PLUS contains: organic pea protein, organic rice protein, organic flax seed powder, chlorella (C. pyrenoidosa), rice bran solubles, Earthrise® spirulina (A. platensis), d-ribose, organic alfalfa sprouts powder, sunflower lecithin, organic broccoli sprouts powder, nutritional yeast, inulin (from chicory root), mannitol, xylitol (from organic hardwood), organic cherry flavoring (on organic gum acacia), organic vanilla flavoring (on organic gum acacia), organic beet root juice powder, Vitaveggie®† (from freeze-dried broccoli, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes, spinach, kale, carrots, and brussels sprouts), magnesium malate, l-lysine hydrochloride, magnesium ascorbate, chlorella growth factor (CGF), RNA (from yeast), organic aloe vera (BiAloe® concentrate), organic ginger root powder, digestive multienzyme complex, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, organic dulse, inositol, malic acid, choline bitartrate, high-gamma mixed tocopherols, stevia leaf extract, niacinamide (Vit. B3), calcium pantothenate Vit. B5), methylcobalamin (Vit. B12), phytonadione (Vit. K1), pyridoxal-5’-phospate (Vit. B6), thiamin diphosphate (Vit. B1), riboflavin-5’-phosphate (Vit. B2), cholecalciferol (Vit. D3), calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and biotin.

Directions: Take 4 tablespoons (2 scoops) per day to start. Greater benefits may be gained at higher intake levels. Gradually increasing consumption aids adjustment to higher intakes. Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness.

Rejuvenate! PLUS is delicious in water, juices, smoothies, nut or grain beverages, and blender drinks. It may be added to foods, including salads, fruits, dips, wraps, baked goods, etc. Use your imagination!

REJUVENATE!™ PLUS does not contain: wheat, oats, corn, rye, barley, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, GMOs, sugar (other than D-Ribose), sulfates, chlorides, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delivers within minutes

The only plant based product that I have ever used which delivers within minutes. As the name suggests, it truly REJUVENATE(s)! PLUS.

Tastes great

Well this is only DAY 1 for me, but I have to tell you the taste was great and just in water alone, VERY soluable not gritty at all. I think I can handle this and stick with this green powder, I've tried 3 or 4 in the past and couldn't hang with it. So you get 4 stars just for that right off the bat. Now to see how I feel on this , I need to lose weight and have more energy, improve my skin as I have eczema bad on my arms. I don't eat vegetables so this is great for me nutritionwise. Stay tuned I'll be leaving another review as I see what it does for me.
Laura Bako, Ca.

It's outstanding

I just received this superfood green powder...and it's outstanding!! I love the tast and the superfoods nutrition for my families health! My toddler just loves it in his morning smoothie. I also add the health ranger's organic hemp oil and chia seeds with frozen organic fruit mix with organic coconut water!! What a delicious and healthy treat in the morning!! This is the best green powder I have ever tasted and will continue to buy!! Thank you Mike Adams!!

Irene & Robert Greener
Best product used in recent memory

SHALOM, Mike, first of all I want to thank you for having such a great product as Rejuvenate Plus, Mike as well as many of the other fantastic products we buy from you, this is very much at the top of the list ! The very first dose that my wife Irene took, she felt her circulation in Her feet, almost right away, this is so amazing given the fact that She had not felt circulation & feeling in Her feet & hands in over three months, THIS PRODUCT is a 10 on that scale of 1 to 10 as very likely the best product that we have used in recent memory !!! R. Ariel Greener CCPE,NB.Phc.A.FLTC

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