Soft Tigernut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies



Soft Tigernut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies


1/4 cup HRS Organic Date Sugar

1/4 cup HRS Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

1 teaspoon HRS Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

1-¼ cup Organic Tigernut Flour 

1/4 teaspoon HRS Pink Himalayan Salt

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips and/or chunks


Optional: 1 Tbsp. Organic Raw Cacao Nibs



1. In a medium bowl, mix date sugar, coconut oil, egg, and vanilla in a bowl. 

2. Add in the rest of the ingredients.

3. Chill the dough in the fridge for about 1 hour or 15 minutes in the freezer.

4. Once chilled, make 12-14 balls and place them on the baking sheet. Add a few more chocolate chips or cacao nibs if needed.

5. Bake for 10 minutes at 350F.

6. Let the cookies cool and enjoy!

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