Lung Renewal 2 oz

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Lung Renewal 2 oz

This is a great herbal blend to help support lung function. Great for city dwellers and smokers.  Especially useful with smoke from wildfires. Can also be used as an expectorant when recovering from a cough.


Lung Renewal Blend: 

Elecampane Root functions as an effective expectorant, loosening phlegm from the lungs so it can be coughed up and out.  

Use of Mullein Leaf dates back thousands of years for respiratory health, to effectively support the lungs.

Osha Root is also known as “Bear Root” because bears will instinctively search it out. Osha relieves excess mucus, soothes coughs, and cleanses the lungs.  

Yerba Mansa Root, as an anti-catarrhal, loosens catarrh (excess mucus), while Yerba Santa Leaf promotes oral health and respiratory function.  

Licorice Root, for mucus reduction, Dandelion Leaf, for proper inflammatory response and high nutritional value, and Lobelia for functional breathing round out this rapidly absorbed formula.

Proprietary blend
Elecampane root
Mullien leaf
Osha root
Yerba Mansa Root
Yerba Santa Leaf
Licorice Root
Dandelion leaf
Lobelia herb

Base composition: Certified Organic, gluten and GMO-Free Alcohol (30-50%), vegetable glycerin, and distilled water.

Suggested Use

Shake well before using. 1-2 droppers in water or juice three to four times daily or as directed by your health practitioner.*

We make this herbal tincture in small batches with organic, gluten-free alcohol to ensure quality, strength, and freshness.  


Customer Reviews

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Caroline Medley

Seems to keep my lungs in better working condition and has minimized my coughing and seem to be able to breathe more deeply.
like the product

Thank you for the feedback!

Patty Childs

This us a re-order. I won't let myself run out of lung renewal. Clears my chest . I know I'm getting the best product available by ordering from Brighton. Thank you Mike Adams and staff.

Thank you, we value your feedback!

My breathing is back to normal

I had to walk outside the Narita airport for a long distance and the air is so polluted from the jet engines of a huge hub as well as from the busses that station and heavily heavily traffic the area. The air one day was so polluted I could not breath it yet I still had to walk on foot for long distance to my destination. Since that day I developed asthma which I did not know and tried to sleep it off for about a week to the point I could not sleep all night and could not breath anymore, wheezing and having lung pain, feeling it hard like a stone. I finally went to the doc and relieved my symptoms and put me on some medicine as well. I am aware steroid containing medicine is effective but should be used for short period of time or else... so I remembered of this product, bought it and I swear, now I am only taking this one and my breathing came back to normal and I am coughing much less. I now so believe in it that I started to take it 4 times a day 2 droperfulls because I know it works. I will decrease the amount in the near future but I realized how important is to have this item if you are a person living in a polluted city or area. In the future I will keep taking it just to save my lungs. I usually take care of the food I eat and the air I breath in my house, but I have no control when I have to walk outside... hope this review and my experience and grief will help someone. I am also going to send it as a Christmas gift to my mom who has been coughing for years and her doctor never managed to cure it.

nancy rooney
No more asthma symptoms

for years the mainstream dr decided I was an asthmatic....I certainly had allergies for years to dust and many outdoor plants.. than came along lung renewal! No asthmas shortness of breath, no coughing, no wheezing, etc! I am soo very pleased with these results! Thank you Mike Adams!!

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