Elk Antler Velvet Silver 1 fl oz (30ml)

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Elk Antler Velvet Silver 1 fl oz (30ml)

(450mg Velvet Antler Concentrate Per Bottle)

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To thrive and flourish in the modern world, requires stamina, endurance, strength, drive, and perseverance — all traits that came naturally in your youth and something everyone seeks to regain through diet, exercise and even, "energy drinks." Surthrival Elk Antler Velvet, with its powerful blend of growth factors, is formulated to enliven these aspects and get you back to your "go mode." These growth factors regulate every healthy cellular function of the human body from metabolism to immune response, making Elk Velvet Antler the supreme choice for anyone from the hardcore athlete to the baby boomer!

  • Performance
  • Wellness
  • Immunity


  • Ultra-Concentrated

Elk Antler Velvet contains a wide array of growth factors, including the well-known and researched IGF-1, as well as collagen, and amino acids. It's ultra-concentrated in Organic Grape Alcohol.

  • Human Makeover Machine

Known for encouraging anabolism, oxygen utilization, enhancing growth and recovery, preparing tissue damage and stimulating immunity, Elk Antler is one of the natural world's most unique nutritional supplements.

  • Collagen-Rich for Healthy Skin and Joints

One of the active extracellular matrix components of Elk Antler Velvet is the collagen proteins, which include concentrations of elastin. Supplementing your healthy wellness routine with antler velvet may assist in the maintenance of beautiful skin and supple joints.


  • Concentrated 43:1 before extraction
  • Free Range U.S. Elk | Humanely Harvested
  • Extracted in Organic Grape Ethanol
  • Bottled in Miron Glass
  • 450mg Velvet Antler Concentrate Per Bottle

Antler Velvet Spring (Derived from Velvet Antler of Elk), Spring Water, Organic Grape Alcohol.

How to use:
Take 30 drops and hold in mouth for 90 seconds then swallow.

Serving size: 30 drops (about 1 ml)
Servings per Container: 30

Humanely Harvested
These extracts are made with the freshly harvested velvet antler of free-ranging American Elk, and are one of the world's richest sources of growth factors. Humanely harvested, Surthrival’s Elk Antler products are made using the same method developed and studied in Soviet-era Russia, and used for their elite athletics and military programs.

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