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How it works:

1. Sign up: Create an account and earn 100 points. 

2. Earn Points: Each dollar you spend in the Health Ranger Store brings you 5 points. Here are ways you can earn points:

3. Redeem Points: Apply your points at checkout or exchange for vouchers.

Designed to help you save your hard-earned money

As an advocate of self-reliance and honest living, I made it a priority to teach others how to stay healthy without spending a fortune. This is why I'm thrilled to let you in on a new way to take care of your health and save money at the same time: The Brighteon Rewards.

Staying healthy has never been more affordable! The Brighteon Rewards program grants you 100 points just for signing up! Create an account and start earning more points with every purchase.

Take a look below and find out what you can get:


Stay healthy & start saving the smart way

We value every single member of our community - each one of you plays a significant part in making the world a better, safer and healthier place, so we’d like to reward you for it.

Shop the Brighteon Store -- or refer friends to the store -- and start earning rewards points that you can spend on anything in our store!

Now, we're making non-GMO, laboratory validated clean food products more affordable than ever. Register for a rewards account (below) to start saving immediately.

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