100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Variety B (4-Pack)

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100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Variety B (4-Pack)

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Bill and Ruth
The taste is so clean!

I asked God to bless the coffee before I drank my first cup from Natural News. I had told my husband that I do not want to drink Starbucks coffee, I just want to drink it regular, and Starbucks is way too strong. I cleaned out the coffee maker with vinegar and water, and a five star review is not good enough. This coffee is so CLEAN tasting. There is no heaviness, no "mucky" residue. After I noticed how CLEAN it tasted, I noticed how SMOOTH this coffee is. Then I realized this man is nothing but T R U T H, AND A FIVE STAR REVIEW SHOULD BE ALL THE STARS IN THE HEAVENLY GALAXY.

Marie Bridges
By far, the best, smoothest blend I've ever tasted

Thus far, I've tried the Ethiopia coffee; and it's excellent--best , smoothest coffee I've ever tasted. I'm delighted with the quality; but that's what I've come to expect from the Health Ranger Store.
Thanks, Mike, for all you caring and hard work!
Marie Bridges

Deb D
Wonderful coffee without compromising the good stuff

I tried all of the 4 major coffee flavors listed here. Ethiopia stood out among the 4 as the best. I did blind taste tests with 4 other people. All of them preferred the Ethiopian first and Sumatra next. (That's our taste buds though.) They are all great! I really appreciate having organic coffee that doesn't make me jittery and wired when I drink 3 cups. It has a wonderful coffee flavor without compromising the good stuff. You can tell it's not chemicalized after drinking Maxwell House and Folgers. Thank you for the opportunity to have better. And to the growers as well!

Tony P
100% worth it! Clean taste, rich flavor

I'm a coffee connoisseur and I don't mind spending good money for the best coffee I can find. And this [El Guapo Blend] is the best coffee I've ever had. The El Guapo Blend is so good, it is perfection in a cup. It's very bold and perfect for the person who wants a REAL cup of coffee. Superb! It doesn't get any better than this. The honey roasted is very nice and mild. The sumatra is just ok, high on the acid side. And the ethiopia was just awful for me. It's extremely fruity but with an awful taste. This is my honest opinion. I will be ordering the El Guapo Blend for the rest of my life. It is incredible! Please consider selling the coffee in 5 pound bags AND in #10 cans too!

karen simonis
Tastes great and doesn't give me the jitters

This is the best tasting coffee I have had since the 1970's. I also don't get jittery after drinking a cup of it like I do with the other coffee on the market.

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