Chemical-free Dish + Laundry Detergent Combo

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Chemical-free Dish+Laundry Detergent Combo

1 x Laundry Detergent Powder 5lbs (2267g)
1 x Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powder 5lbs (2267g)

Note:  As our detergents are very fine powder, it may come out the sides of the box

Health Ranger Select Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powder 5lbs (2267g)

NOTE: Our dish washing detergent is phosphate free.  Phosphates act as a cleaning agent and help to remove white film residue and white specks. Phosphate free detergent has more people experiencing white film on their dishes. This white film is also caused from heavy mineral build-up. The white film will be more noticeable when you live in an area where you have HARD WATER.  You may need a rinse agent if you live in an area with Hard Water.

Meet the most efficient dishwasher detergent made with ZERO harmful chemicals! The Health Ranger’s Select Dishwasher Detergent is designed to leave all your dishes squeaky clean without harming your health in the process.

The dishwasher you use is just as important as the food you eat, as residues always remain on the dishes and you end up ingesting them. Most dishwasher detergent brands contain chlorine bleach (a poisonous chemical that causes respiratory problems, especially during the drying cycle when the fumes are released into the air), synthetic fragrances (that often contain phthalates) and sulfuric acid (a very corrosive substance that can cause burns and asthma).

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Sodium percarbonate
Sodium carbonate
Sodium citrate
Lauryl polyglucoside

Direction: Use 1 scoop (1 tbs) per load.
Cleans up to 120 loads.

Health Ranger Select Laundry Detergent Powder 5lbs (2267g)

Forget about the chemicals-ridden laundry detergents you commonly find in supermarkets! They can cause serious diseases like cancer and have extremely damaging consequences on your endocrine and neurological health. The phosphates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances they contain emit fumes that you breathe in throughout the day. Besides, they are extremely harmful to the environment, so you should avoid them at all costs!

Instead, get the Health Ranger’s Select Laundry Detergent. Based on a revolutionary formula, it is ideal for the entire family and protects even sensitive skin. Our detergent is free of phosphates, petrochemicals and other harmful substances – it just contains the ingredients needed to keep your clothes clean and stain-free without damaging your health.

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Alkyl polyglycoside blend
Sodium silicate
Sodium carbonate
Sodium chloride
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium sulfate
Sodium metasilicate

Direction: Use 1 scoop (1 tbs) per load.
Cleans up to 150 loads.


**Zero abrasives, lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes, perfume.**

Country of Origin: Product of the USA

Do not take internally. May irritate eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children.


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