Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses

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Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses
NOTE: Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses are designed for both outdoor use, as well as indoors prior to bedtime for better quality sleep (use at least 2-3 hours prior to bedtime)


NOTE: Groovy Bee Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses are not designed to fit over prescription glasses.

Overexposure to blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm and harm your eyes. While the human eye can block some ultraviolet (UV) rays, it isn’t very efficient in blocking out blue light. Blue light-blocking glasses are protective eyewear especially designed to filter out harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and other sources while still allowing you to see your screen clearly. 

Expertly made in Taiwan, Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses can help reduce your overall exposure to blue light. These lightweight glasses boast superior optical clarity that lets your eyes work longer with less strain. They can also block both UVA and UVB rays, so you get maximum eye protection.

Featuring a simple and sleek design, our high-quality blue light-blocking glasses provide full eye coverage. They are registered as medical devices with the FDA and are windproof, waterproof and shockproof. Their non-slip nose pads ensure they stay comfortably in place no matter how long you wear them. They also have special lenses that provide superior visual clarity and a more effective contrast between red and blue objects. Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses are designed for both outdoor use, as well as indoors prior to bedtime for better quality sleep (use at least 2-3 hours prior to bedtime)

Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses truly blocks blue light across many different wavelengths

Our Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses are tested and validated to be able to block blue light wavelengths at the following intervals:


Why choose Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses?*

They may help you sleep better – Blue light-blocking glasses can help reduce your exposure to blue light during nighttime. This helps prevent harmful blue light from tricking your body into thinking that it’s still daytime, which may keep you awake at night and imbalance your hormones.

They can relieve tired eyes – Constant exposure to blue light can leave you with tired eyes. Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses is lab validated to block 100% of light from 200 - 420nm and greater than 90% of light across the 420-500nm range, minimizing the source of your eye fatigue.

They can support healthy eyes – Not only do blue light-blocking glasses filter out blue light, they can also protect you from both UVA and UVB rays that can harm your eyes. 

They provide good coverage and are comfortable to wear – Our blue light-blocking glasses provide great all-around protection for your eyes. They are also incredibly lightweight, so you can wear them for long hours without feeling any discomfort.

NOTE: While our Groovy Bee® Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, they are engineered as sunglasses, blocking a considerable portion of all visible light. For some users, this may make these glasses too dark for indoor use with computer monitors or electronic devices, but it works great to reduce the intensity of light reaching your eyes for the hours before you go to bed. (It depends on the person and how much brightness they need.) Some customers wear these glasses both indoors and out, while others use them solely as outdoor sunglasses.

Estimated weight: 30 g

Made in Taiwan

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Customer Reviews

Great glasses, nice design, blue light filtering

I have to wear the blue light blocking glasses, as otherwise I see lights when I go to sleep. Seeing lights behind closed eyelids means my optical nerve is not happy. It used to happen before I found these blue-light blockers. Wearing them 100% of time on line leaves my eyes rested. They don't feel dry either. So good job, Natural News store, for carrying these. I got a pair for my husband, and he loves them too.

Great for Computer

We bought three of these glasses. We use them for watching tv and using the computer. Protects your eyes from strain. They are very comfortable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lynne Hewett

Great glasses love them

We appreciate the feedback!

Groovy Bee glasses are really great!

These glasses fit very nicely and comfortably. They do well with blocking out other light, and give my eyes a feeling of no strain.

Thank you, we value your feedback!

Amber glasses

These glasses are the greatest!! It’s like heaven when I use them to read my phone. I see really good with them and my eyes don’t get tired.

Thank you for the feedback!

Best Outdoor Glasses Ever!

Oh my gosh! Where do I begin to tell you how much I love these glasses! My initial experience started 2 wks ago when I drove to Florida..a 3 day drive each way. My eyes never got tired or irritated after driving up to 12 hours a day..unbelievable but true. They are super lightweight so you barely know you have them on. Great clarity. I let my son try them on and he loves them and said they are much better quality than the more expensive pair that he has. I'm going to order a pair for him and his wife as a thank you for staying with them. Thank you Mike Adams for making such a high quality item available to the public. P.S. I have a lot of trouble with dry eyes and these glasses make a huge positive difference with that.

Comfy and Clear

The packaging is classy, the glasses themselves are very comfortable, offer great coverage and because of the packaging come completely unblemished. Unlike glasses off the rack at the store, these come with zero scratches in a fancy case.

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