O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution 8oz (with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Peppermint)

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O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution 8oz (with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Peppermint)

(Ozone-infused for EXTRA cleansing power)

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. You may think that brushing and flossing your teeth is enough to maintain good oral health, but according to the American Dental Association (ADA), gargling with mouthwash is just as important as brushing due to the tiny crevices your toothbrush can't reach. Unfortunately, most commercial mouthwash formulas contain harmful ingredients, such as alcohols, foaming agents and fluoride, that can cause more harm good for your oral health.

What is in O₃ Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution?** 
Our premium O₃ Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution uses only lab-verified organic ingredients for outstanding penetration and ozone-carrying capacity. 
Organic virgin coconut oil – Coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils for oil pulling, an ancient technique that involves rinsing your mouth with oil the same way you would with a mouthwash. This oil easily gets into the small crevices in your mouth and gently cleans as it coats your teeth and gums. We chose cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil as the base for our premium oil pulling solution because it is unrefined. Since it was not exposed to high heat, it still contains many powerful antioxidants found in coconuts, such as polyphenols and healthy fatty acids, that can help you maintain healthy gums and teeth. 
Organic jojoba oil – Jojoba oil is another great choice for oil pulling. Extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant can protect against oxidative stress, which has been linked to teeth and gum problems. The organic jojoba oil in our premium oil pulling solution is also infused with ozone, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It is produced in nature by lightning and thunderstorms. Ozone has been proven to be highly effective against threats. 
Organic peppermint essential oil – Peppermint essential oil is best known for its refreshing and energizing effects, which it owes to an active compound called menthol. When combined with a mild carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil can be swished around the mouth to clean your teeth and gums and freshen your breath. Our premium oil pulling solution contains 100% organic peppermint essential oil to help give you long-lasting fresh breath. 
How does oil pulling work?** 
Oil pulling is an ancient practice of cleaning your mouth using oil. It has its roots in India's Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. Oil pulling is especially popular among natural health advocates because it helps remove impurities from the mouth. Oil pulling is easy to do: Just put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around before spitting it out. It's recommended that you do this for at least five minutes so that the oil has enough time to draw out impurities and leave your mouth clean and fresh. 

What can O₃ Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution do for your oral health?**
Here’s what our premium oil pulling solution can do for your oral health when you add it to your daily routine: 
  • Cleans the tongue, palate, gums, teeth and upper throat 
  • Protects the mouth from external threats 
  • Removes impurities from the mouth 
  • Naturally freshens breath 
  • Helps maintain healthy gums and strong teeth 
NOTE: Shake the bottle before use to evenly disperse the ozone throughout the solution as it may have settled at the bottom. Coconut oil gels when it's cool. Simply place the bottle in warm water to liquefy.

Learn more about O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution!

  • Glyphosate Tested
  • Laboratory Verified
  • China Free 
How to use O₃ Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution 
Adding our premium oil pulling solution to your routine is a simple and straightforward process:
  1. Put about a tablespoon of O₃ Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution in your mouth.
  2. Gargle for 5–20 minutes, making sure the solution reaches every part of your oral cavity. Do not swallow the solution. 
  3. The solution will get thicker as it picks up impurities in your mouth. Once it gets thick, spit it out and brush your teeth as usual. 
For optimal oral health, do oil pulling once in the morning and again in the evening before going to bed. Consult with a natural health practitioner if more frequent use is needed.

NOTE: After gargling, spit the solution into the trashcan to prevent oil buildup in your pipes. Do not drink anything before rinsing your mouth.

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, organic ozone-infused jojoba oil, organic peppermint essential oil
Serving per container: 8 oz (approx. 48 tsp)
Product of USA

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases.
Manufactured in a facility which may contain nuts (peanuts, tree nuts).

This product is verified A+++ based on glyphosate analysis standards published at www.GlyphosateTested.com.
This means the product has been tested via triple quad mass spec (LS-MS-MS) and conforms to the glyphosate / AMPA limits required for an A+++ rating as described at www.GlyphosateTested.com.
  Low Heavy Metals Verified!
This product is verified A++ according to the heavy metals standards published at www.LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org
This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A++ rating as described at LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org.
Customer Reviews

I love this oil

I use this oil everyday and my mouth feels clean and healthy Thank you for such great products

Love it!

I had never heard of oil pulling solutions until comming to this website. Product is great, not only did it help leave my teeth clean I actually found it rather soothing on my gums.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mint and ozone are added bonuses

I have read about oil pulling for years now. I just did not feel myself doing this practice with the oils "getting thicker" as I pulled. I felt that if I could do it - it would be with a Health Ranger product. The mint and ozone are an added bonus. The mint doesn't overwhelm. What surprised me the most was how LIGHT, THIN and PURE this oil is. It feels like I am moisturizing my mouth and when I lick my lips I love the moisturizing feel of the oil. I do not feel the need to rinse after spitting it out,but know it should be done to get rid of what the oil is pulling out. Hoping for long term benefits! Thanks for such an unexpected experience. 4.5 stars as longevity of benefits not proven in one weeks use. HIGHLY Recommend.

Alexandria Welton
Even the back of my mouth feels cool and fresh

I tried regular coconut oil by itself, not a fan. This helps me keep up my oil pulling routine. I can feel the back of my mouth all cool and fresh. I didn't gag while trying this either, goodbye oil pulling with olive oil! great product, recommend again!

Juliana Ferris
Tastes pretty good

It tastes pretty good. The oil is very thin/watery compared to oil pulling with regular coconut oil. It seems like a good product. I have used about ⅓ of my bottle so far, cannot tell if it is improving my oral health.

martha heimerdinger
Ozone improves the oil pulling

I just love it !! The ozone seems to improve the oil pulling. Thank you

Gary Brookes
I am very impressed

I was very eager to try this product as I believe in oil pulling and was not happy with the oils I was using which include coconut and sunflower. I was impressed because this oil has Ozone, that was my main interest. Have been using it for a week now and I like it but was hoping it would taste better because of the peppermint oil but you can hardly taste the peppermint at all. Maybe they could add more to the formula!

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