O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution 8oz (with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Peppermint) (3-Pack)

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O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution 8oz (with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Peppermint) (3-Pack)

(Ozone-infused for EXTRA cleansing power)
8 oz = approx. 48 tsp

What is O3 Essentials Dental Care?

O3 Essentials is dedicated to enriching lives through ozone-infused organic esters and oils that provide cellular nourishment for whole body health.


What is O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution?

O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution allows you to super charge the multi-thousand year old Indian Ayurvedic health practice of “oil pulling”, or as we might say today “mouth rinsing”. In Ayurvedic medicine oil pulling has been seen as a whole body detoxification method, extracting toxins and microorganisms in the mouth and allowing the body to better heal itself.


O3 indicates three atoms of oxygen and is produced in nature by lightning and thunderstorms—generating the smell and feeling of freshness. Technology developed in the early 1900’s allows us to capture that ability and apply it to water, and many oils.


O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution brings the extra cleansing power of ozone- infused organic jojoba combined with organic coconut and organic peppermint essential oil. In Ayurvedic practices, many different kinds of oils have been used. At O3 Essentials, we believe organic coconut and organic jojoba esters are the best.


We recommend using our companion product, OraJuvenate Cleansing Dental Cream for complete oral health and hygiene protection.


What can O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution do for my oral health?

  • Help detoxify tongue, palate, gums, teeth and upper throat

  • Provide the highly effective, anti-microbial properties of O3--ozone oxygen

  • Benefit from coconut’s healthy medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) & the anti-bacterial properties of coconut’s lauric acid

  • Freshen breath with the cleansing, invigorating properties of peppermint

  • Through the process of oil pulling, paying attention to the mouth, jaw and facial muscles—“facial yoga”—may help prevent or lessen face and jaw related discomforts.

What is the practice of oil pulling?

  • Oil pulling means swishing—pulling and pushing vigorously—1-2 teaspoons of our O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution through the mouth, teeth, gums, palate and upper throat (avoid swallowing) for 5-20 minutes.

  • The oil may feel watery when you start and will become thicker as debris is picked up, the longer you pull.

  • When ready, spit it out and rinse with clean water. You may follow with brushing your teeth.

  • Doing oil pulling in the morning is recommended to get a fresh start at the beginning of your day. Oil pulling may also be done in the evening or more frequently if you have specific concerns or conditions, or your health provider recommends more frequent use.

  • Glyphosate Tested
  • Laboratory Verified
  • China Free

100% cold-pressed virgin and organic coconut oil, ozone-infused organic jojoba, organic peppermint oil.

Note: Begin by shaking the oil pulling bottle to disperse the O3 oxygen throughout the bottle. It may settled at the bottom. O3 Coconut gels when it's cool. Simply place in warm water to liquify.
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Low Heavy Metals Verified!

This product is verified A+++ according to the heavy metals standards published at www.LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org 

This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A+++ rating as described at LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org.

Rating 03 Ozone-Infused Oil pulling solution
So far, so good. I've been in the middle of some dental work on an infected implant, so I'm really hoping to see a difference down the road. I "swish" at night (after brushing) for about 15 min. The "mouth feel" isn't all that different from mouthwash, just a bit thicker. The taste, however....really don't like the taste. So I mix it about half and half w/regular organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Works well that way! My "spittoon" seems to be evidence that it's working, as after a couple of days I can see bacteria growing in it (which also serves as proof that you definitely don't want to swallow any of the stuff when you're swishing)! That's when it's time for a new spittoon! Thanks for a great product.
  Reviewed by:   from Phoenix, AZ. on 10/21/2014
Rating mrs
I just love it !! The ozone seems to improve the oil pulling. Thank you
  Reviewed by:   from las vegas nv. on 10/18/2014
Rating not very tasty

I was very eager to try this product as I believe in oil pulling and was not happy with the oils I was using which include coconut and sunflower. I was impressed because this oil has Ozone, that was my main interest. Have been using it for a week now and I like it but was hoping it would taste better because of the peppermint oil but you can hardly taste the peppermint at all. Maybe they could add more to the formula!

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