Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz

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Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz

The journey begins with a base of the finest raw almonds, cashews and hemp seeds stone-ground to perfection. Sprouted chia seeds, goji berries, and a pinch of Himalayan salt are added for a potent boost of superfood nutrition. Nourish your body while enlightening your taste buds with the perfect combination of powerful nutrition, sultry texture, and decadent taste. Dig in and bliss out!

**Now keto-friendly!**

Lovely on: fruits, berries, crepes, ice cream, or right out of the jar.

Ingredients: *Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews*, Hemp Seed *, Goji Berries *, Chia Seeds *, Himalayan pink salt

*Certified Organic

 "This spread is very smooth and silky, with small pieces of almonds the size of half a grain of rice. With hints of nuts and sweetness from the goji berries, this makes for a perfect spread, or even dip, that goes with so many foods."  ~ Wendy, Customer Service
 "I will be honest, I am not usually a fan of almond butter, but this almond butter is splendid. I could eat an entire jar in one sitting! It has a nice mixture of flavors. I love that it has the subtle but pleasant goji berry flavor, because nuts and berries really do compliment each other very well. It would be a perfect and healthy choice for use in PB&J sandwiches." 
 ~ Colleen, Customer Service

Customer Reviews

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I love putting a scoop of this with my fruit and almond yogurt, it gives me extra protein to hold me over until lunch. Dipping an apple into this taste great also. The extra taste and texture of the goji berries is awesome. I’m eating it to fast, I keep buying more at a time but it seems to go just as fast.


Heavenly on homemade bread toast! Just a thin layer, and it will deight your tastebuds!!

Great for anytime

My ultimate PBJ: Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread + organic mango jam + organic sprouted toast = a little bit of tummy heaven. This spread is great anytime, any where - afternoon pick-me-up or on the trail. Substantial and satisfying snack. It's great that it needs no refrigeration. Definitely a repeat purchase.

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